Move to Denmark and become a newcomer in Sonderborg

In the Sonderborg area, you will find beaches, nature, city life, culture and a lot of job opportunities.


That is why we have gathered information for both potential and present newcomers here.

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Why move to the Sonderborg area?

We give you five great reasons to choose Sonderborg as your new home.

Newcomer Service is an initiative from Sonderborg Municipality with the purpose of ensuring that our new citizens settle in well in our area. Simultaneously, we are here to inform newcomers of the many possibilities within the municipality.

The Municipality of Sonderborg, which geographically stretches from the island of Als to parts of Southern Jutland, focuses on the security and well-being of our new citizens.

Newcomer Service Sonderborg can help you in many different ways.

Among other things, we provide information on job opportunities for accompanying spouses, home search, kindergardens and schools, culture and leisure, and we help you get a social network.

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Are you an accompanying spouse to a working newcomer?

Our Partnerjob Consultant can help you with your job search.

How can we help you?

Practical information for newcomers

Accommodation and living conditions

Good to know for families with children

Welcome offers for newcomers in Sonderborg

Social networks for newcomers

Learn Danish - before and after moving to Denmark

Events for newcomers

View our videos with newcomers to the Sonderborg area 

Christina, student
Newcomer from Odense, Denmark

Eva, Accountant
Newcomer from Scotland

Andrei, Ph.D. student
Newcomer from Romania

Najmeh, Head of Library
Newcomer from Iran

Newcomer from Portugal

Kavita, Volunteer
Newcomer from India

Ferran, Professor
Newcomer from Spain