For newcomer families

Sonderborg Municipality is the children’s playground, where joy of life, togetherness, challenges and lifelong learning provides energy in the everyday life.

Read more about childcare, schools, free native language courses and leisure activities aimed at new families below.

Childcare services

We have a care guarantee in Sonderborg municipality. Read our page with information about care guarantee, day care institutions, before and after school care and more.

Daycare center
Pupils in school


In Sonderborg Municipality there are a number of primary schools, including a special needs school and international schools.

Free native language courses

The Municipality of Sønderborg offers children subject to compulsory schooling in school years 0 through 9, who are supported by a person resident in Denmark that is a citizen of another EU/EEA state, free instruction in the official language of the country concerned.

The municipality also offers native language instruction to pupils with backgrounds outside the EU/EEA. This instruction will be offered to pupils in the Municipality’s primary schools in school years 0 through 3.

Pupils in school
Ballet dancing

Leisure activities for kids

You and your family will have plenty to do in your spare time when living in Sonderborg Municipality.

Whether your child is interested in soccer, music, arts or something else entirely, you will find that the municipality has it all.

Nature and outdoor experiences

Nature in the Sonderborg area is in a class of its own. Nowhere else in Denmark will you find a cornucopia of nature places and experiences.
Get inspired with more experiences for families with children.
Boys in nature