Rent, buy or build your dream home in the Sonderborg area

Get an overview of residential areas, rental, purchasing and construction opportunities and much more.

In Sonderborg Municipality, you can live near the city center with its vibrant life or in the idyllic countryside.

You pay considerably less for more square meters in comparison to other cities in Denmark, and with 250 km of scenic coastline and grand nature it is your choice alone how you would like your living surroundings.

Obviously, we have any possible kind of accommodation available – from single-family houses, townhouses and condominiums to luxurious villas and architectonical pearls. You can also build your own dream home on one of the many beautifully located plots near sea and forest.

Residential areas

The Sonderborg area has a large stretch of coastline, which extends largely from Flensburg Fjord and Alssund to Lillebælt. Several towns and villages are located by the water or close by. Therefore, there is good opportunity to find housing with a view of the water – both in rural and urban areas. Nature, like the water, is always within reach.

Sonderborg is the main city, while the cities of Nordborg, Graasten and Augustenborg are minor cities. Additionally we have many small villages, which are mainly organized in active communities, where neighboring help and close cooperation are highly valued.

Rent accommodation in the Sonderborg area

In Sonderborg Municipality we have a wide selection of housing associations (boligforeninger), who facilitate rental accommodation. Employed newcomers are usually placed on a separate waiting list, which means that they are moved further up the waiting list and offered accommodation faster.

In Sonderborg city you will typically be offered an apartment, while you might be lucky to be offered a townhouse with a private garden in the suburbs or the smaller cities.

Please take notice that you can only receive one offer from each association. If you do not accept the offered accommodation, you will be moved to the regular waiting list at the relevant association.

If you are an employed newcomer or commuter, you can contact the housing associations below to get on a separate waiting list for a rental home.

If you are interested to read more about the Danish concept of housing organizations you can have a look at this brochure.

Housing organizations in the Sonderborg area

Boligforeningen Søbo

Rental properties located in Augustenborg, Fynshav, Hørup(hav), Kegnæs, Lysabild, Skovby, Sonderborg and Tandslet.

Boligforeningen B42

The housing organization B42 has rental properties located in Broager, Egernsund, Guderup, Dybbøl and Sonderborg.

Sønderborg Andelsboligforening (SAB)

Rental properties located in Dybbøl, Sonderborg and Vollerup (senior citizens apartments).

Nordborg Andelsboligforening (NAB)

Rental properties located in Guderup, Havnbjerg, Langesø, Nordborg and Svenstrup.

Boligselskabet Danbo

The housing organization Danbo has rental properties located in Havnbjerg, Langesø and Nordborg.

Gråsten Andelsboligforening (GAB)

Rental properties located in Alnor, Avnbøl, Blans, Gråsten, Kværs, Nybøl, Rinkenæs, Vester Sottrup and Ullerup.

Many apartments for rent are provided by private landlords. Find them on various housing portals, social media or the local newspapers.

Buy a home in the Sonderborg area

The prices for accommodation in Sonderborg Municipality are lower than the regional and national average. They are also lower than in many European countries.

Read more about foreign citizens’ acquisition of real property here. You can also enquire at the ‘Kvik-Café‘ in Sonderborg or view a list of the realtors in the Sonderborg area.

Average prices on villas per m2

  • Sonderborg:
    8.169,- DKK
  • Copenhagen:
    43.724,- DKK
  • Aarhus:
    26.647,- DKK
  • Odense:
    18.136,- DKK
  • Aabenraa:
    8.542,- DKK
  • Haderslev:
    9.321,- DKK

Build a new home in the Sonderborg area

Sonderborg Municipality has a broad array of beautiful construction plots, which are scattered all over the area. View the available plots on the map below.

You can also contact a construction plot employee, who handles the transactions with municipal plots by calling +45 88 72 54 51.

Sonderborg Municipality does not offer a discount on building plots for newcomers, but you are always welcome to make a bid. The finance department will then decide on the bid and possibly approve it.

View our movie about our attractive building sites below.

Available building plots in the Sonderborg area

Seeking a temporary home?

You can find many vacation homes in the Sonderborg area if you want to start renting something furnished and temporary.

Tenant associations, where renters can get help

If you as a renter or future renter are in need of advice and counseling, you can contact one of the two tenant associations in Sonderborg: Danske Lejere Sønderborg or LLO – Lejernes Landsforening.

If there are disagreements between renter and property owner, you can get legal help in English from Retshjælpen.

Housing benefits

You can apply for housing benefits through Udbetaling Danmark. 

Global Mobility Service

RelocationSyd is the local provider, who offers to find accommodation for newcomers. On their website, you will be able to read more about services and prices.