Move to Sonderborg!

Moving is always a big decision, but we’ve made it easy for you.

We have listed 5 good reasons why you should choose Sonderborg as your new home.

Reason no. 1: Limitless career and educational opportunities

Sonderborg Municipality has some of the country’s largest global industrial groups as well as a wealth of small and medium-sized companies. We have companies from a variety of ​​industries that are of great interest to engineers, craftsmen, transport and logistics job seekers, healthcare professionals and academics.

Therefore, there is a great chance for you to land your first job as a new graduate and job seeker here. Get an overview of the job opportunities here or contact our settlement coordinator, who can help with both job search, networking and access to our exclusive PartnerJob program.

In Sonderborg, you will have any type of education within your range – all the way from ABC to Ph.D.
At The University of Southern Denmark in Sonderborg, students from more than 50 different countries are educated, making campus the most international one in all of Denmark.

It is for good reason that students from all over the world choose Sonderborg. A unique interaction between the university, the vocational educations and the area’s global business community gives a certain depth to our students in engineering, language, business communication and economics. And we also have housing guarantee for students and apprentices as well as a “first-job guarantee”, where you as a second-year engineer student at SDU after completing your education are secured a job with one of our local companies in min. six months!

Sonderborg is a really nice area to live in and has everything a city needs.

Here is beautiful scenery and hardly so hectic, and I was really lucky to get a job down here.


Newcomer from Aalborg

Students at Alsion
Sonderborg Castle
Map of Southern Jutland

Reason no. 2: We have an international DNA - and an ideal location

Because of our location close to the rest of Europe, we have looked beyond the borders of the country for generations. We even have an international and multiple German schools, which facilitates a bilingual upbringing.

In Sonderborg you are never far from the big cities. It only takes 35 min. to Copenhagen by plane and only 2 hours by car to Hamburg, should you miss the hectic city life.

And house prices and low unemployment rates make the Sonderborg area a particularly attractive place to live.

City m2 price of villas (from Boliga) Unemployment rate (from DST, 2018)
Sonderborg 8.462,- 3,7%
Copenhagen 43.001,- 4,9%
Aarhus 26.853,- 4,7%
Odense 18.222,- 5,4%
Aalborg 16.287,- 5,4%
People at a café
Bicycling in the Sonderborg area

Reason no. 3: The Sonderborg area has it all

The Sonderborg area has everything a city needs – rural idyll and big city vibes. Here you will find magnificent scenery with beautiful forests and a long stretch of coastline, which invites you to versatile water activities.

Sonderborg is in many ways a distinctive student city. This applies both in large and small – from the student discounts on the cafés’ menu, shopping opportunities, festive nightlife to an active and exciting student environment characterized by professional, cultural and social networks and events.

And whether you are into sports, tango, art or jazz, you will find that you are far from alone with your interest. More than 700 voluntary associations and sports clubs support you and give the whole family ample opportunity to develop and grow their particular interest.

Reason no. 4: Here the traditional and modern are combined

Nowhere else will you find our truly unique mix of historical heritage combined with contemporary and breathtaking events and attractions. Visit our science adventure park Universe or our beautiful old castles. Dine in traditional local cuisine or enjoy a casual café-burger. Take in a historically inspired market or cheer on your favorite players in handball. Gain insight into Scandinavia’s largest tilting-of-the-ring festival or get involved in a music festival.

The list goes on indefinitely, as the culture here is in every way diverse and marked by contrasts. In the Sonderborg area, there is something new to discover and experience every day.

Tilting-at-the-ring in Sonderborg
Couple in front of Augustenborg Castle
Newcomers at the Welcoming Day

Reason no. 5: We take good care of you

Both our companies, citizen service and Newcomer Service work closely together to provide you with the best conditions for a good fit in our beautiful municipality.

We have therefore launched a number of initiatives to help you (and your family/partner) get started. For example, you receive a welcome booklet when you move to one of our towns. In addition, we have both a welcome day, a recruitment and a PartnerJob program as well as initiatives such as CaféNy and Newcomers Network, which ensure you a social life almost from day one.

Of course, there are far more than just 5 good reasons to consider Sonderborg as part of your future life. But maybe the first 5 just made you a little bit more curious about the area and the life we live here.

Contact Newcomer Service Sonderborg for more information.