Practical information

We have gathered both important addresses, infrastructure and need to know as a newcomer.

Good to know for newcomers to the Sonderborg area

Moving to Sonderborg in Denmark - step by step

To make it easier for you to move to Sonderborg, we have put together an interactive “step-by-step guide” for you which you can find in the picture on the right.

Next to this you will also find a “to-do list” in tabular form. Since the order of the individual steps depends on the individual case, both step by step guide/to-do list are only intended for general orientation.

Are you a cross-border commuter then you can find many useful information videos from the Infocenter of the region Sønderjylland-Schleswig here.

Here you will find further information on a wide range of practical topics.

Guide for newcomers

Borgerservice - your access to the municipality

You will find Borgerservice in either Sonderborg, Nordborg or Graasten, where you can receive help with municipal affairs. There is also a citizen café (Borgercafé) with computers at your disposal.

Borgerservice will be more than happy to help you with for example obtaining your social security card, your personal registration number (CPR), daycare registration, Rejsekort (public transportation card), and much more.

Citizen service in Sonderborg
The Multicultural house in Sonderborg

Sonderborg Library – the meeting place for adults and children

The library has multiple departments distributed within the municipality.

It is free to borrow books, DVDs etc. at the library. Your yellow health insurance card functions as your library card and children can have an independent library card made for them. Remember the library card each time you wish to borrow something at the library.

The libraries offer a wide range of events and activities for both adults and children from lectures, theater, 3D printing and much more.

VisitSønderborg – your local tourist office

The tourist office in Sonderborg is located in “Det Sønderjyske Hus” in the middle of the city’s pedestrian street.

VisitSønderborg can for example help you with service and information about restaurants, sights and events, booking of excursions and tours and the sale of various tickets, camping passport, fishing license and much more.

View the addresses and opening hours of VisitSønderborg here.

Visit Sønderborg tourist office
Trash cans

Disposal of litter and recycling

Sønderborg Forsyning empties your recycling and household garbage container. If you would like to know when your container will be emptied, you can find the information here.

View the addresses and opening hours of the waste recovery sites (genbrugspladser) here.

We assort our garbage in Sonderborg Municipality and therefore you will both have a recycling container (genbrugsbeholder) and a waste container in your household (dagrenovation). Sønderborg Forsyning has a text message system, which helps you to remember when and which container will be emptied. Simply plot in your mobile phone number. If you have any doubts regarding the assortment of your waste, you can read more here.

Transportation and infrastructure

The Sonderborg area has excellent infrastructure with airport, highway, rail network, ferry routes, and flexible bus routes.

Sonderborg Airport

Sonderborg Municipality has its own airport located just 8 km from downtown Sonderborg. It only takes 35 minutes by plane to the Danish capital, Copenhagen, and there is free parking at Sonderborg Airport.

Trains and busses

You can travel by train to the rest of Denmark and Germany from Sonderborg.

With Flixbus you can order a cheap fare from Sonderborg, while Sydtrafik provides local and regional busses in the Sonderborg area.

The Rejsekort for public transportation can be bought at Borgerservice.

Ferries and marinas

We have multiple ferries in the Sonderborg area:

Fynshav-Bøjden (on Funen): Alslinjen
Fynshav-Søby (on Ærø): ÆrøfærgenBallebro-Hardeshøj (On Alsen): Færgen Bitten
Sonderborg-Germany: MS Feodora II
Egernsund-Germany: The bicycle ferry


Learn more about who to call in case of an emergency.

If you are in need of a pharmacy, you can find Apoteket Borgen in the shopping center Borgen in Sonderborg, which has the longest opening hours.

In case of emergency

  • 112
    Is the national emergency number for you to dial in case of an accident, serious crime or emerging fire causing life danger or danger to property or environment. Only call 112 when you have critical need for either the police, an ambulance, fire department or environmental emergency agency.
  • 114
    Is the police’s service number for you to use for non-emergency calls.
  • 70 11 07 07
    Is the emergency medical service, which consults, write out prescriptions and refers to the emergency room/clinic (lægevagten/skadestuen).
  • 6414551
    is the number of the dental emergency room/clinic (Tandlægevagten).
  • 82 12 12 12
    National Poisons Information Service (Giftlinjen)
  • 88 72 41 09
    Sonderborg Fire and Rescue Department
  • 74 42 05 28
    Sonderborg Women’s Refuge
  • Here you can find the local veterinarians