Welcome to Sonderborg

We love the Sonderborg area.
That is why we have gathered lots of information on this website. Whether you live here, want to move here or are just curious, we know you will fall in love with beautiful Sonderborg.

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Map of Southern Jutland

Facts about the Sonderborg area

  • Inhabitants: Approx. 75.000
  • Area: 495,86 km2
  • Shoreline: 250 km
  • Within one hour drive of downtown Sonderborg, you will have access to approx. 250.000 workplaces
  • Sonderborg has its own airport with just 35 min. to the Danish Capital Copenhagen
  • The Sonderborg area will become a CO2 neutral growth area by 2029
  • The new hotel in Sonderborg, hotel Alsik, has the largest spa and wellness area in Denmark
  • The largest tilting-of-the-ring tournament in Scandinavia is held in Sonderborg
  • Sonderborg has the most international university campus in Denmark