Job search, PartnerJob program and volunteering

Read more about job possibilities in the Sonderborg area, our PartnerJob program for accompanying spouses and partners and much more.

Job search in the Sonderborg area

Are you unemployed and looking for work? We have great job opportunities for you.

For you to have a successful move, a job is crucial. In the Sonderborg area we are known for our industrial companies within the tech or energy industry. However, the opportunities for employment are good, whether you are highly educated or a skilled labourer from any industry. We employ everyone: from skilled workers, teachers and waiters to engineers, doctors, dentists and academics. The chances of making a successful career in the Sonderborg area are boundless with more than 4,000 businesses – both small and large ones – in our municipality.

The workplace culture in Sonderborg has a lot to offer. From high salaries, advancement opportunities, flexibility, 37-hours workweek and equality. Learn more about Danish workplace culture here.

You are always welcome to contact our local Jobcenter or our recruitment manager to receive more information about your job possibilities.

On The European Job Mobility Portal you can also read about your job opportunities in Southern Denmark.

Career and job portals

You can find open positions and register your CV in different job banks such as Jobnet.

On Southern Denmark’s career portal you can get an overview of the many companies located in Southern Denmark and see which ones match your competencies. This is a good tool to find companies relevant for an unsolicited application, because you can match them via your competencies.

As an EU or Nordic citizen, you can also apply for funds to help pay for travels in relation with a job interview or when moving due to a job in Denmark. The project “Your first EURES job” is for people between the ages of 18-35. The project “Reactivate” is for people from the age of 35 and above.

If you have a degree from another country than Denmark, it can help your job search to gain recognition of your foreign qualifications/education. Find more information here.

Once you get a job, Work in Denmark can give you a good overview of the different things you need to consider before and/or while you start your job in Denmark. Read more here.

If you are a cross border worker contact Infocenter Sønderjylland-Schleswig. They offer free guidance and can help you with many practical questions.

An academic? Try AC Match!

If you have an academic background, you should get on AC Match, which is an online database with unemployed academics living in the Southern part of Denmark, where local companies can look through the various candidates.

Learn Danish

In Sonderborg you have plenty of opportunities to learn more Danish. Learning a minimum of Danish can help improve your employment opportunities.

PartnerJob – for you, who is moving with your partner

Even though your partner or spouse might have found their dream job in the Sonderborg area, it might not be the case for you. Newcomer Service Sonderborg might be able to help match your competencies with available career positions in South Denmark. Additionally, we can assist you in developing your network, investigating career options and helping with job search in the Sonderborg area.

We offer:

  • Information about job search tools in Denmark
  • Clarification of job opportunities in South Denmark and inputs on your application
  • Potential participation in internships and networks

You can participate if you:

  • Are a partner or spouse of an employed newcomer to Sonderborg Municipality
  • Speak and write Danish or English on a fairly high level
  • Are ready to focus on job search and prepared to invest time in a PartnerJob program

Contact our PartnerJob Consultant today and receive more information about the PartnerJob program.

It is free to participate and the program is either in Danish or English.

Volunteer work

If you are interested in volunteer work, you will have many possibilities in Sonderborg Municipality. With more than 700 associations in the Sonderborg area, you will have plenty to choose from. Ask at Frivillighedens Hus, where all social and health organizations in the municipality are gathered. 

Become a volunteer

Find further information about volunteering in Denmark.

30 unwritten rules about the Danish labour market

By Mehmet Yüksekkaya, 2007

  1. Show restraint at first
  2. Share your knowledge with your colleges
  3. Participate socially
  4. Remain professional in work settings
  5. Acknowledge and relate to prejudice at the workplace
  6. Understand the hidden message
  7. Understand irony and humour
  8. Understand the flat management structure
  9. Greet your colleges, when you arrive and leave
  10. Remember, religion is a private matter
  11. Eat lunch with your colleges
  12. Remember, your boss is not your friend
  13. Know the chain of commands
  14. Know the spirit of the company
  15. Learn how to manage praise and criticism
  16. Learn to cooperate
  17. Always meet on time and keep your appointments
  18. Speak Danish at work
  19. Ask when in doubt
  20. Set standards for yourself and your employer
  21. Comply with the company’s values
  22. Tread carefully during conflicts
  23. Be helpful and in solidarity
  24. Be a good ambassador for your workplace
  25. Don’t be afraid to take responsibility
  26. Be innovative and keep an open mind
  27. Be independent
  28. Be visible in your workplace
  29. Be flexible and ready for change
  30. No rules without exception