Sonderborg – great for young people

There are many opportunities for young people to create an exciting life in the municipality of Sonderborg.


Are you a young person considering moving to Sonderborg? Maybe you already live here?

In the area of Sonderborg there are plenty of possibilities in regards to education, student housing, activities, informal meeting places and an international and active student environment, where you can meet other young people and easily make new friends.

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In the area of Sonderborg there are a lot of leisure time activities to enjoy.
You can experience a broad array of musical events, theater experiences, outdoor activities and city and beachlife.
There are also different and interactive attractions, which make Sonderborg exciting for people of all ages: in Universe Science Park you can wrestle with science and its mysteries, and in the History center of Dybbøl Banke you can experience the life as a soldier in 1864.

Do not forget to show your student ID as many cafés and venues offer student discounts.