Practical information for students and young people

There are various beneficial options for students and young people living in the Sonderborg area. For instance, many of the local shops, venues and cafés offer student discounts, so always remember to bring your student ID.

Housing benefits

If you are renting a place, with a kitchen, it might be possible for you to receive housing benefits. Read about the terms here.

SU and taxes

Are you starting an education and are over 18 years old? Then you might be eligible for SU. More information about the terms for SU here.

If you need to know more about the tax rules in connection with, for example, a student job, you can read more here.

The Youth Card (Ungdomskort)

The Youth Card offers you a chance to travel affordably to and from your school or educational institution.

You can get a Youth Card if you are:

  • 16-19 years
  • Student at a secondary school
  • Student at a higher education

Read more about the rules and possibilities in regards to applying for a youth card here.

Student discounts

Remember to bring your student card when you, for example, go to a café, start a leisure activity or go to a museum. Many places offer discounts for students. 

Youth coordinator

Do you have ideas for activities, events or the like, for and by youths? Or would you just like to learn more about what is going on? Try contacting the youth coordinator of Sonderborg Municipality:
Lykke Farre, phone: 27 90 45 52 or e-mail: