Secondary schools and higher education in Sonderborg

With plenty of secondary and higher educational institutions, Sonderborg is the hub of educations in the South of Denmark.

Even though Sonderborg is not the biggest educational city in the world, it is a city where it is manageable to get an overview and where you can find a close-knit community among the people here. This is attractive to many young people that find themselves in Sonderborg – not only does Sonderborg have a strong and active student environment, but it is also very international and open and there is room for everyone!

Sonderborg is known for its close cooperation between educational institutions and companies, for example in regards to teaching, projects, internships, and study projects.

Here you can find some of the country’s biggest global industrial groups with about 2000 smaller companies. A substantial part of these work with technology. The area has strong cluster networks especially regarding mechatronic and green energy, CLEAN, but also in regards to food safety and welfare technology.

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Education facilities –
our secondary and higher educations

Secondary education facilities

    Higher education facilities

    The students of Sonderborg spend time together after school on and around the educational institutions.

    At Alsion, there is a Friday bar for students from Alsion, SDU and EASV. A team of students, Introteam, make sure that new students are being introduced thoroughly to the town through various activities. In addition to that, Sønderborg Student Foundation makes sure that there are loads of activities and events for young people and students.

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