Why study in Sonderborg?

The Sonderborg area is absolutely fantastic, and here are four good reasons why you should choose Sonderborg as a student.

Cleanroom at SDU

Reason no. 1: Job guarantee for engineers in Sønderborg

As an engineering student at SDU Sønderborg, you are guaranteed your first job when you have completed your education. Companies in the Sønderborg area and SDU have joined forces to create a unique first-job guarantee program, which offers newly graduated graduates a six-month employment after graduation. The program affects students at the Faculty of Engineering at SDU Sønderborg from September 2020.

Reason no. 2: Study at Denmark's most international campus

SDU Sønderborg is Denmark’s most international campus, which offers a unique, international environment with researchers and students from more than 50 countries. Furthermore, Sønderborg has a very international pulse, as many companies recruit labor from abroad.

Alsion by night
Students doing experiments

Reason no. 3: Educate yourself from ABC to Ph.D.

In the area of Sonderborg, you can educate yourself within almost any field. We have good kindergartens, schools and many opportunities in regards to secondary and vocational schools and universities.

Reason no. 4: You will not be bored

Not only is the Sonderborg area filled with associations within any field of interest, but we also have an area teeming with lots of exciting events and initiatives for young people, ensuring an exciting study environment.

You can, for example, take a look in Alsion’s student café, visit Mejeriet or explore the various networks for young people.

Sonderborg is a place that welcomes young people and wants to help ensure that young people experience a good time as students here.

Concert at Mølleparken in Sonderborg