Childcare services in the Sonderborg area

We have childcare guarantee in Sonderborg Municipality, which applies to all areas concerning childcare. This means that your child is guaranteed care within an age-appropriate facility, provided that the child is between 26 weeks and six years or considered eligible for before and after school care.

The public daycare facilities are divided into daycare (dagpleje), nursery (vuggestue) and kindergarden slots (børnehave). We have both Danish and German daycare offers, so your child will have the possibility of a bilingual upbringing. We also have an international kindergarden, three children’s universes and several special needs offers. A children’s universe is an offer for families with children located in the smaller cities, where daycare and primary school are combined. 

Here you can find a list with all private day care offers in the Municipality Sonderborg.

For children attending preschool and up to 2nd grade, before and after school care (SFO) is available, while 3rd to 6th graders can attend a ‘children’s club’. Use the map below, where you will find all care institutions throughout the municipality of Sonderborg. 

An overview of our private daycare offers can be found here.

Daycare, nurseries and kindergardens

There might be a waiting period in relation to nurseries (vuggestuer), so if you have requested a nursery and there is full capacity, the childcare guarantee will provide a daycare facility (dagpleje) instead.

In case of full capacity at the desired kindergarden (børnehave), another kindergarden facility in the area will be provided.

The child is registered for a place in a daycare facility via Pladsanvisningen. You can book a place when your child has received a CPR-number. If your child has not yet been assigned a CPR-number, contact Pladsanvisningen.

Daycare or nursery?

As a newcomer family, you might have doubts about enrolling your child in a daycare facility or a nursery.

Contact Pladsanvisningen

If you and your family are considering moving to Sonderborg Municipality, you are more than welcome to contact Pladsanvisningen for further information concerning daycare, nurseries, kindergardens and before and after school care.

Contact Pladsanvisningen by phone +45 88 72 47 55 or email

Before and after school care

Enrolment in a before and after school care facility (SFO/klub) is also done through Pladsanvisningen where your child is offered a slot within the school, which your child will be attending in the future.

Practical information about childcare

If your income is below a certain amount, you can also apply for a slot subsidy (fripladstilskud).

See also our overview of holiday closures and closing days in after school care facilities.