Schools in the Sonderborg area

In the Sonderborg area you will find an array of public and private schools, hereof three German and one international school. Therefore, your children can be raised bilingual from the very beginning. A child is typically admitted to the school nearest home.

Public schools

Enroll your child by contacting the school in question. You also have the possibility to enlist your child in another school than the one assigned, if there is an open slot. Contact the desired school and let them advise you in regards to the rules concerning the free choice of school.

The Danish education system

Read more about how the Danish education system works.

Find an independent, private or German school

Private or independent school

If you would like your child to attend a private or independent school, contact the school in question.

You still have to inform your request for a new school to the local education authority (Skoleforvaltningen), since the municipality has to supervise that the compulsory school attendance is fulfilled.

The youth center and 10th grade

The youth center (Ungecenteret) is a service provided by the municipality for young people between the age of 15 and 25. The youth center advises, supports, and involves the young people in relation to choice of education and career. Professionals also supply relevant guidance in special cases in order to give young people a broad array of possibilities. The youth center covers everything from continuation schools, 10th grade, integration, future education opportunities and youth counseling with psychologists and other experts.


If you have any questions concerning enrollment in schools, you are more than welcome to contact the local education authority.

Native language instruction for foreign children from the EU and EEA

The Municipality of Sonderborg offers children instruction in the official language of their home country. The child must be subject to compulsory schooling in school years 0 through 10 and supported by a person resident in Denmark that is a citizen of another EU member state or a state which is encompassed by the EEA agreement. This instruction is mandated by law. A class will be established if at least 12 pupils are enrolled and a qualified teacher can be hired.

Native language instruction for foreign children from the non-EU and non-EEA countries

In addition to the instruction mandated by law, the Children and Education Committee decided on 23 January 2007 that the municipality will also offer native language instruction to pupils with backgrounds outside the EU/EEA areas.
This instruction will be offered to pupils in the Municipality’s primary schools in school years 0 through 3. A class will be established if at least 12 students are enrolled and a qualified teacher can be hired.