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Learn Danish

Get more information regarding where and how you can learn Danish

There are many advantages of learning Danish. Not only does it make a big difference for your future (Danish) employer, but you will also manage much easier in Sonderborg in terms of everyday life as a citizen here. Furthermore, you achieve a unique insight into the Danish culture and its traditions.

Learn Danish online

If you prefer sitting in the comfort of your home while trying to learn some Danish sentences, look at these websites:

Danish lessons in Sonderborg

As a newcomer you are entitled to attend a Danish course at a reduced tuition fee for up to 3,5 years during the first five years of your stay in Denmark. The Danish education is divided into 6 modules - each module costs 2000,- DKK (about 267,- Euro). Depending on your qualifications and skill level, you will be placed on a course.

Before starting the Danish course at the language school, you are obligated to pay a deposit of 1.250,- DKK (about 167,- Euro). The amount is to be paid to the language school, where you also will receive further information on repayment etc. If you are in Denmark as an au-pair, you will not have to pay the deposit.

In Sonderborg following Danish schools are offering Danish lessons with reduced tuition fee:

  • A2B (for everybody)
  • UCplus (only for students from SDU and EASV) 

UCplus offers all international students at SDU or EASV Sonderborg Danish lessons twice a week directly at campus. The lessons are held after normal classes and you can also participate in a study café, where you can come and talk to a teacher, socialize with other students, get help, extra assignments or practice your pronunciation.

If you wish to sign up to receive Danish lessons at one of the above mentioned language schools, please contact your local Citizen Service (borgerservice) to receive a referral. After receiving a referral from the municipality, you can register for Danish lessons at the language schools. 

Fast-track option: If you are an accompanying spouse/partner it is advisable to take as many lessons as possible in the beginning of your stay in Sonderborg. When doing so, you will quickly adapt to the new culture, get a network, and will be able to communicate with the Danes. It will also help you to find a job faster than normal. Ask your language school how you can pass the Danish lessons in a faster mode.

Also, the Danish library in Flensburg/Germany (Dansk Centralbibliotek for Sydslesvig) offers Danish lessons at a lower price. 

FVU - Free Danish courses for basic Danish speakers

If you already speak Danish on a basic level, you might also attend Danish courses called 'FVU Start' and  'FVU Læsning' at VUC Syd and A2B in Sonderborg. 

Free Danish conversation groups in Sonderborg

Join a conversation group and practice your Danish skills. Please check up with the specific contact person/institution when they meet up since the overview of the conversation groups on this homepage will not be updated on a weekly/monthly basis.

  • Dansk Café at the Library of SDU: Every 2nd Saturday and every last Wednesday of each month the Library at SDU offers a Dansk Café for international newcomers. On Saturdays they meet from 1.30 pm to 3.30 p.m. and on Wednesdays they meet from 5 to 7 p.m. For further information contact Najmeh at nas@bib.sdu.dk. The upcoming dates you can find here.
  • Mejeriet Ungdomscaféen
    The café regularly hosts ‘Danish Evenings’ (Dansk-Aften).
  • DFH Frivillignet
    This association has conversation groups on Tuesdays from 4 to 5.30 p.m. at Frivillighuset, Ringridervej 45-47, 6400 Sonderborg.
  • SDU Library Café
    On the 2nd Monday of each month from 2.30 to 4 p.m. the Library at SDU offers a Danish Café for students. Contact nas@bib.sdu.dk or look at their Facebook site.
  • Røde Kors Sønderborg (Red Cross): Conversation groups and homework assistance every Wednesdays from 7 to 9 p.m. at Frivillighedens Hus on Perlegade 50 in Sonderborg.
  • Røde Kors Guderup (Red Cross) offers conversation groups along with homework assistance for children. Every Thursday from 6 to 8 p.m. at Guderup Aktivitetscenter, Gammel Guderup 31 in Guderup, 6430 Nordborg.
  • Swaplanguage
    Use Swaplanguage to find a tandem partner: a person speaking a language, which you would like to learn. You can then meet and practice your language skills with each other.