Voucher no. 4 – Theater & Dance

Voucher no. 4 can be redeemed at one of the institutions below.

The Little Theater Gråsten

Option 1: Two free tickets for a normal performance at The Little Theater Gråsten

The Little Theater Gråsten (Det Lille Teater Gråsten) is a charming theater on the outskirts of Graasten, which is operated by a society of theater enthusiasts. Summer and Christmas performances are offered every year for both children and adults. 

Order the free tickets online and bring your voucher no. 4 to the theater. If there are unreserved seats on the day of the performance, you can pick up the free tickets right before the performance starts. Please note that the performances are ONLY in Danish.

The ticket is only valid for self-produced performances (not guest performances).


Ballerinas at The Dance Academy of Southern Jutland

Option 2: Two free dancing lessons for children at the The Dance Academy

The Dance Academy of Southern Jutland (Sønderjyllands Danseakademi) is administrated by the Public Music School of Sonderborg (Sønderborg Musikskole).

The Dance Academy is the region’s only school for classical ballet, and it has approx. 100 students ranging from 6 to 16 years of age.

The training is top-class professional and given by the prior Royal Ballerina Melissa Mathies.

The trial dancing lessons are an introduction to ballet for children 5-14 years old. The only requirement is that your child, after the summer holiday, is a school pupil in class 0 to 8.



Option 3: A free membership for one year at La Cunita - Argentine Tango

Tango is more than just a dance – it is a passion, characterised by beauty, sensuality, elegance, presence, joy, love, music and poetry.

The dance classes of La Cunita take place Wednesdays in Sønderborghus from 7 pm to 9 pm, varying from dancing classes, free practise evenings and tango ballroom dancing.

The classes vary from season to season, and are adapted to newcomers and beginners. Everyone is welcome to try the classes.

If you want to try tango, simply bring your voucher no. 4 on a Wednesday evening and get started.


Option 4: 50% off an a season of free dancing lessons at Nordals Gymnastikforening

Nordals Gymnastikforening offers dance lessons. The voucher no. 4 can be used for one season of dance lessons for one person (50% discount). One season is approx. from September to March. Choose between:

  • Strong: A HITT class (High Intensity Tempo Training), where the body is used as a training tool.
  • Zumba: Classes, where dancing and fitness are combined, while moving the body in a refreshing way to music.
  • Hit Fit Dance: A dance class, where the dancing style is based on music from the last 70 years.



Option 5: Six months free Linedance with Dancing Dukes in Augustenborg

In all levels, Dancing Dukes Augustenborg dance to have fun and prioritize togetherness, joy and exercise over ambition. You will surely go home with a smile on your lips and feel that you have really been touched.

The club dances both simpler and slightly harder dances in all styles, though mostly Country.There is something for everybody and on different levels.

As a newcomer, you get a six months free membership. This is the perfect way to get some exercise while having fun with a lot of great people.


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