Attractions in the Sonderborg area: castles, museums and more

In the Sonderborg area we have not only four beautiful castles, but also an array of museum and memorials where you can feel the brush of history.

Sonderborg Castle

Sonderborg Castle is located at Sonderborg harbor and has a rich history. Today, the castle has been transformed into a museum with exciting exhibitions on the history of the castle and the Sonderborg area. Children and childish souls can go on a treasure hunt in the castle’s many rooms, while the adults can enjoy the beautiful castle church, the gloomy dungeon and the Knights Hall.

Sonderborg Castle
Gråsten Palace

Graasten Palace

Graasten Palace is the summer residence of the Danish royal family since 1935, when Queen Ingrid, who was closely associated with Southern Jutland, was entrusted the palace.

Today, the Palace Garden and the Palace Chapel are open to the public when the royal family is not visiting. Here you can enjoy the magnificent view over the palace lake or guess the many plants and flowers in the Royal Kitchen Garden.

Augustenborg Castle

Augustenborg Castle is named after the duchess Augusta. The castle can only be enjoyed from the outside, since the Farming Administration uses the buildings. The castle church and the mansion next to the castle is open to the public and is called Augustiana Art Gallery and Art Park. Here you can experience contemporary art, temporary exhibitions and a variety of art projects and events. 

Augustenborg Castle
Nordborg Castle

Nordborg Castle

Nordborg Castle, also formerly known as Alsborg, is being used as a modern boarding school today. It has formed the background for Nord-Als Musikfestival for a number of years. 

Cathrinesminde Brickworks

Discover a true part of the Danish and Southern Jutland industrial history at the Cathrinesminde Brickworks Museum in Broager. Bring the whole family with you and experience the exhibition, which displays the brick production for several centuries.

Cathrinesminde Brickyard Museum
Dybbøl Mill

Dybbøl Mill

Dybbøl Mill is a Danish landmark, which was the center of the battles in 1864. The mill has been designed as a museum with exhibitions on the mill’s history, the year 1864 etc. Today you can visit both the mill and the History Center Dybbøl Banke to get the full history and experience of the 1864 tales.

History Centre Dybbøl Banke

Travel back in time to 1864, when war and daily life come alive with a large urban market and soldier’s camp at History Centre Dybbøl Banke. You can seek cover from the grenades with your family or experience the soldiers’ lives with exciting historical props.

History Centre Dybbøl Banke


Universe is an exciting adventure park for the whole family, where science, technology and entrepreneurship is key. Experience the many versatile experiences such as the geyser, glacier, rappelling, segway, water cannon, 5D cinema, laser track and rocket workshop, while enjoying the beautiful garden and surroundings. There are often events in the park as well as daily shows, such as science shows and Robert Robot.

Deutsches Museum Nordschleswig

Experience the exciting history of the Danish-German border region and become wiser about the history, identity and culture of the German minority in Denmark.
German Museum North Schleswig

Swimming halls and sports halls

You can find two swimming halls and a variety of sports halls in the Sonderborg area, where many of our associations arrange activities. View them on the map.


Alsik's Point of View

Sonderborg’s beautiful new hotel, Alsik, which is located on the harbor in Sonderborg, has an absolutely fantastic viewing platform. Here you can see Sonderborg from the 16th floor and enjoy the unforgettable view.

Alsik Point of View

Boats from the past

You can find three boat guilds in the area of Sønderborg, which allow you to get up close to 1,300 years of Danish maritime history. Take hold of the oars and row as our ancestors did some 1,000 or 2,000 years ago. Experience the warrior canoe Hjortspring boat, the antiquity boat Nydam boat and the Viking-ship Sebbe Als

Tilting-at-the-ring in Sonderborg


Experience the medieval tilting-at-the-ring (Ringridning) as the villages of the Sonderborg area keep this old tradition alive. Experience the impressive horseback riding and festival as the cities and villages celebrate. The biggest tilting-at-the-ring festival takes place in Sonderborg the second weekend in July.