Voucher no. 6 – Experiences

Voucher no. 6 gives you access to unforgettable experiences in the Sonderborg area. You can redeem voucher no. 6 at one of the institutions below.
Please note that certain experiences are only available on specific dates.

Tilting-at-the-ring at Sonderborg Castle

Option 1: One free ticket to the Tilting-at-the-ring Festival in Sonderborg

It is more than 100-year old traditions that make the Tilting-at-the-ring Festival in Sonderborg (Ringriderfesten Sønderborg) something completely special.

With the participation of up to 500 horses and riders, as well as around 40,000 visitors, the event is the largest riding festival in the Nordic countries. All the days of the festival offer lots of entertainment.

Bring your voucher no. 6 and redeem it at the entrance to the Ring Riding Site (Ringriderpladsen) in Sonderborg. Please note that the Tilting-at-the-ring Festival in Sonderborg only takes place once a year (in July).

Sebbe Als

Option 2: One year of free membership in the Viking Ship Guild “Sebbe Als"

Do you want to uncover your inner Viking? Get a free one-year’s membership in the Viking Ship Guild “Sebbe Als” for everyone in your household.

Sebbe Als is a voluntary association, which so far has built two boats: a 17-metre long copy of a Viking ship (Sebbe Als) and a traditional 8-metre long Faroese boat (Ottar Als).

As a member, you can learn how to sail Viking ships, how they are constructed, you can participate in small sailing tours or longer expeditions, and of course experience the social community when the association meets in their traditional “Naust”.

Tilting-at-the-ring at Sonderborg Castle

Option 3: 50% on up to four tickets to the Universe Science Park

Universe – ”The adventure park where fun is a science”. Universe Science Park offers 50% discount on entry for up to four persons with hand-in of the voucher 6 at the counter.

On your visit you can try lifting a car, build your own water rocket or roam around a virtual world. There are a host of awesome activities waiting to be explored. The park is filled with a wealth of fabulous experiences and attractions.

All you have to do is taking your voucher no. 6 with you. (It is subject to condition for getting the discount that the ticket is purchased at the entrance. The offer cannot be combined with other discounts.)

Sebbe Als

Option 4: Free guided tour in Sonderborg or the surrounding area

Sønderborg Tourist Office offers many different guided tours during the summer months, between June and October. (Attention: the tours are only offered in Danish or German).

As a newcomer to the area, you can participate in one tour for free! You do not need to register, but you have to bring your voucher no. 6 with you.The voucher is valid for up to two persons.

You can discover culture, history and myth of, amongst others: “Sonderborg – The old part of Town”, “Sonderborg’s city harbour”, “Graasten Palace Church and Garden”, “Nordborg” or ”Augustenborg”.

Sebbe Als

Option 5: Sightseeing tour in a horse-drawn carriage for the whole family

Equifree is a small riding school near Graasten, who offers e.g. teaching in vaulting or riding, riding tours or sightseeing tours in horse-drawn carriages.

Imagine yourself on a ride through these centuries-old city and woods, snugly wrapped in blankets, listening to the clippety clop of the horse-drawn carriage. The tours lead past the beautiful landscapes: the great fields, big lakes and the green and lovely woods.

With voucher no. 6, you can take part in a horse-drawn carriage tour with the whole family (up to two adults and four children per household) during the summer months.

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