Voucher no. 1 – Sports

With voucher no. 1 you have seven different options to choose from.

Humlehøj Swimming Hall

Option 1: Free admittance for two adults and two children to Humlehøj Swimming Hall

Enjoy a day with the whole family at Humlehøj Swimming Hall in Sonderborg.

Bring voucher no. 1 with you and exchange it for four free tickets for two adults and two children at the entrance of the swimming hall (by contacting one of the lifeguards). Walk down the stairs and turn right, where you will find an entrance to the swimming hall on the left side of the ticket machine.


Nord-Als Sports Center

Option 2: Free admittance for two adults and two children to Nord-Als Sports Center's swimming hall

Nord-Als Sports Center has a swimming hall with both a sports and exercise pool and an associated sauna that you and your family can enjoy.

Bring voucher no. 1 and redeem it for four free tickets for two adults and two children to Nord-Als Sports Center’s swimming hall in Nordborg, respectively at the swimming hall’s entrance.



Benniksgaard Golf Club

Option 3: Get a trial membership for adults at Benniksgaard Golf Club for 499,- DKK

Whether you are an enthusiastic golfer or beginner, Benniksgaard Golf Club offers a trial membership with start-ups in March, April, May or June.

The trial membership gives you ten weeks of access to training facilities, team training, equipment loans etc. A voucher can be used for two adults per household.



Benniksgaard Golf Club

Option no. 4: Three months free membership for young and old at Gråsten Sailing Club

Gråsten Sailing Club offers you a three-months free trial membership, giving you and your family access to our clubhouse, where it is possible to attend our social events such as presentations, teaching, barbecue evenings, summer parties, tours etc.

A membership also gives you the opportunity to use the club’s facilities and the right to search berths, hall space (waiting list) etc.


Benniksgaard Golf Club

Option 5: Three months free membership at Gråsten Badminton Club

Do you want to play badminton? Gråsten Badminton Club is a lively club that offers training with exercises, fun and movement for players of all levels.

You can book your own course or take part in a team. Regardless of age and gender, the community thrives in the club´s badminton hall, where a nice club room makes it very attractive to gather after training.


Benniksgaard Golf Club

Option 6: One month free participation in all classes at SGF

SGF – Sundeved Gymnastikforening – offers newcomers one month’s free participation in all courses.

You can for example participate in yoga classes, cross-gymnastics, aerobic, pilates, rhythm and jumping classes. There are classes for both young and old people. Read more about the program here.



Benniksgaard Golf Club

Option 7: Free rowing at the Rowing and Kajak Club Gråsten

Gråsten Rowing and Kajak Club is a club with a good community. The club opens up to the city and invites in for exercise, nature experiences and an active voluntary community. Gråsten Rowing and Kajak Club is a spacious club where there is room for several kinds of rowing sports.

The club offers three free rowing-lessons to newcomers. They have som safety rules you need to learn.


See the other offers in the booklet

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