Denmark’s largest bicycle race finishes in Sonderborg

On August 11th 2021 Sonderborg is the final destination for the second stage of the bicycle race PostNord Danmark Rundt 2021.

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Traffic information during PostNord Danmark Rundt

To ensure that the roads are completely cleared of cars, it is not allowed to park on all road sections marked on the map below from the 11th of August.

The color codes show which roads are additionally blocked at different times on August 11, when the actual bike race takes place. The dots show which parking spaces are blocked.

Traffic heading to and from the island of Als, are directed to use the Alssund Bridge (large bridge).

Cyclists can bike in the city all day, but must pull the bike on the stretches where the bike race takes place. Pedestrians can pass.

Sonderborg Train Station can not be accessed by car, bus or taxi on the 11th of August between 3 pm and 7 pm, which is why passengers going to or from the station must walk or pull their bike the last part of the way to the station. It affects travelers on departures at 3.34 pm and 5.34 pm as well as arrivals at 3.22 pm and 5.22 pm.
Sailors who want to pass Alssund must be aware that the bridge is closed from 3-7 pm.

Countdown for PostNord Danmark Rundt in Sonderborg








The second stage runs from Ribe to Sonderborg, is 183 km long and takes place on Wednesday the 11th of August 2021. The riders enter the Municipality of Sonderborg at Flensburg Firth and continue on through Rinkenæs to Gråsten.

The bicycle race of PostNord Danmark Rundt 2021 consists of 5 stages with a total of 780 km.

The route runs through the area of Sønderborg and is in many ways similar to the Grand Départ route, which takes place during Tour de France on the 3rd of July 2022. However, the end of the route is not in Sonderborg per se, but takes place at the end of a 3-round circuit at iconic Dybbøl Mill, before a winner is found.

The competitors consist of 140 riders med 20 teams with participation of all four Danish continental teams, the PostNord national team and many Danish riders from the World Tour teams. In summary, many Danish bicycle talents and stars take part in the race along with skilled foreign World Tour and Pro Team riders, securing a cycling race of the highest levels.

The entire race is held from August 10th to August 14th in 2021 and is the 30th version of PostNord Danmark Rundt.

postnord route
The route map


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Where to best view the race?

Stand near the finish line at Dybbøl Mill if you wish to get the best experience during the race. You’ll be close to the riders, when they pass three times during the circuit.

Another possibility is during the circuit in downtown Sonderborg, e.g. at Jomfrustien with the narrow cobbled stretch or near Kong Christian X’s Bridge, where the riders pass twice during the circuit, meaning they’ll pass the bridge a total of 6 times within just 30 min.

 Please be aware that finding a parking spot near the circuit in Sonderborg can be difficult. We recommend arriving early.

What time will the race take place?

The riders are expected to enter the Municipality of Sonderborg and Rinkenæs around 4.30 pm.

The race is expected to reach Sonderborg around 5 pm and enter the circuit at 5.15 pm. The race finishes at Dybbøl Mill around 5.45 pm.