Student housing

It is not difficult for students to find a good, affordable place to live in Sonderborg.

Sonderborg has a fair amount of options for student housing - for example around 800 dorm rooms and apartments - and the selection of regular apartments in Sonderborg is good. If you move to Sonderborg from somewhere outside of the municipality, you are guaranteed accommodation as a student. Kollegiernes Kontor are in charge of the student housing and you can see more about the dorms in the following text.

Read more about the housing at Kollegiernes Kontor or on Facebook.

ny kollegie

Have a look at the video from the new Alssund-Kollegie, which is currently being built at the harbour front in Sønderborg here.

The former industrial harbour across from Alsion with SDU and EASV is being redeveloped after a masterplan by world-renowned architect Frank Gehry, who is also known for the museum in Bilbao. At the harbour front, a huge conference hotel and a new multi-cultural house will be built, the latter housing a modern library and the art school of Southern Denmark.