Hvorfor flytte til Sønderborg

Why move to Sonderborg?

3 great reasons to choose Sonderborg as your new home

In the Sonderborg area, you are at the gateway to Europe and only a stone throw away from both airport, 250 km of coastline and multifaceted culture. There is something new to discover and experience every single day in the Sonderborg area. So why not move to Sonderborg?

Reason no. 1: Ideal locationGrafik

Our location close to the rest of Europe means that you are never far from metropoles. It only takes 35 minutes to Copenhagen with plane and just 2 hours by car to either Hamburg or Aarhus, if you ever miss the hectic life of the big cities.

Sonderborg Municipality consists of everything a city needs – countryside serenity and city life pulse. Here you will find grand nature with stunning forests and a long coastline, which invites you to a variety of water activities.

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Reason no. 2: International education environment

In Sonderborg, you will have any type of education within your range – all the way from ABC to Ph.D. We even have an international and multiple German schools, which facilitates a bilingual upbringing.

At The University of Southern Denmark in Sonderborg, students from more than 50 different countries are educated, making campus the most international one in all of Denmark.

In many ways, Sonderborg is a distinct student city. From the student discounts on the menus of the cafés, the many shopping opportunities, the thriving nightlife to an active and interesting student environment with professional, cultural and social networks and events.

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Reason no. 3: Great career opportunities


Sonderborg Municipality has some of the country’s largest, global industrial businesses along with a wide range of small and medium sized companies in a variety of industries, which are especially interested in engineers, skilled workers, transportation and logistics employees, health personnel and academics.

There are of course more than simply 3 great reasons to consider Sonderborg as a part of your future life. But perhaps these initial three have made you just a bit more curious of our area and the lifestyle, which flourishes here.

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