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Rent accommodation

Rental properties and housing associations in Sonderborg Municipality

In Sonderborg Municipality we have a wide selection of housing associations, who facilitate rental accommodation. Employed newcomers are usually placed on a separate waiting list (only in Danish), which means that they are moved further up the waiting list and offered accommodation faster.

In Sonderborg city you will typically be offered an apartment, while you might be lucky to be offered a townhouse with a private garden in the suburbs or the smaller cities. Please take notice that you can only receive one offer from each association. If you do not accept the offered accommodation, you will be moved to the regular waiting list at the relevant association.

Housing associations within the municipality:

You can also view their online platform, where many housing associations are represented: www.syddanskbolig.dk. Download the leaflet about the housing associations here.


The private rental market

You will find a large variety of apartments and houses on the private rental market as well. A good place to start your search is e.g. on the online rental housing platforms www.boligportal.dk/enwww.lejebolig.dk, www.syddanskbolig.dk, or www.husvild.dk.

We also recommend putting an ad in one of our local newspapers or look through their housing ads (they are only in Danish).

The local newspapers are:

In your housing search you might also include the social media by making a post or by looking for housing ads. Visit Tilflytternetværk Sønderborg/Newcomers Network Sønderborg, which is a community for newcomers on Facebook, or Lejligheder og Huse til Leje i Sønderborg og Åbenrå Kommune, Huse og lejligheder til salg og leje i Sønderborg, and Udlejning af lejligheder og huse i Sønderborg – all are pages for rental houses in and around Sonderborg.
Ejendomme og huse

Student and youth accommodation

In Sonderborg Municipality we have accommodation guarantee for youths and students.

Read more about the various youth accommodation options or visit EUC Syd Skolehjem.

Holiday homes

On the webpage of the local tourist office, you can find holiday homes if you would like to start with renting something furnished and temporary.

Rent subsidy

You can apply for housing benefits through Udbetaling Danmark. Visit www.lifeindenmark.dk and read more under 'Housing benefits'.

Tenant associations, where renters can get help

If you as a renter or future renter are in need of advice and counseling, you can contact one of the three tenant associations in Sonderborg:

If there are disagreements between renter and property owner, you can get legal help from Retshjælpen.

Settlement services

RelocationSyd is the local provider, who offers to find accommodation for newcomers. On their website, you will be able to read more about services and prices.

There is a long list of other settlement services, which you can find here.